Artist Statement

Paul Meyer (b.1974, Houston, Texas) is a painter and sculptor.  His paintings have shown in Austin, Houston, Nashville, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Amsterdam and have been featured in The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Elle Decor, Southern Living and Traditional Home.  

The son of a home builder, Meyer grew up around construction and gained a love and respect for the process early on.  Struck by the raw beauty he saw in everyday building supplies, Meyer began incorporating cement, mortar, resin, stain and wood into his paintings. His love of construction materials, stark, open terrains and the hardworking and humble characters embedded in the human experience, inspire Meyer’s portfolio of highly textured landscapes, portraits, abstracts and non-objective paintings. Timeless and unexpected, Paul Meyer’s artwork blends the new with the familiar, seeking to create a sense of home and to instill in us a longing to expand our personal geography by finding the inherent beauty and potential inside of the ordinary, the simple and the most unassuming parts of the world and one another.

Meyer has a BFA from the University of Texas with an emphasis on painting and sculpture.  His studio is in Houston, Texas, where he lives with his family. 


Paul’s studio is located in Houston. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.